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Pokemon Pinball (GBC)

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After you've beaten the Red and Blue versions of the original Pokémon on the Game Boy, what else is there to do? Pokémon Pinball, baby! The developers at Nintendo's HAL division are ready to dish out the poke-love with this cutesy game of crazy flippers, bouncing poke-balls, and high-powered bumpers. Select one of two exciting poke-tables, and get ready to "catch 'em all," all over again. There are plenty of Pokémon to be caught, from the lovable and seizure-inducing Pikachu to the gentle Bulbasaur. After you catch each monster, stick 'em into your handy-dandy Pokedex, and share your top scores with your friends via the Game Boy Color's infra-red link system.

With support for the Game Boy Printer, a special "rumble" feature, and 150 Pokémon to snag, we reckon you'll be playing Pokémon Pinball until the Pikachus come home!



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Pinball

RATING: E-Everyone