3/24/2023: Welcome to Gamer Life 2.0! Check out the new features added.


We always listen to positive comments, concerns, and suggestions to help make Gamer Life a better place to shop for your favorite Retro and Current Gen video games. We are proud to announce Gamer Life 2.0 which adds new features to the website and purchasing experience, along with speed optimization to allow for faster browsing. Be sure to check out all the cool new features below. Also, to celebrate Gamer Life 2.0, we are offering a 15% discount on all video games and accessories for the entire weekend. You will see the automatic discount in your cart and at checkout.

Thanks again for all of your support in helping us level up! There is still more to come that is currently in the works. So, stay tuned for more. Until then my Ninjas, HAPPY GAMING!




It definitely sucks to lose your video games in transit or to have them damaged before they get to you due to poor handling from some careless employees at these shipping companies. After much research, to help with those concerns, we decided that it would be beneficial to help our average customers with shipping insurance up to $200 through a 3rd party company we are working with. So shop with new confidence as we now got you covered when it comes to delivering your games safely to you.




Like we said above, we are covering packages up to $200 as a complimentary shipping insurance. Any insurance coverage over $200 or if you would like additional coverage, is soley the customer's responsibility. With that being said, we have partnered up with Route to provide protection of your packages against damage, loss in transit, or theft. Route Package Protection start at an affordable $1.95 and can cover up to a maximum of $5000 for most packages.



We had a lot of comments about the difficulty of finding listings with available quantity. The 'featured' sorting option was used to move availability to the top, but now with the 2.0 upgrade, the availability filter can now easily select and deselect in stock and out of stock listings while still being able to use the other sorting selections such as A-Z and vice versa.



Product Review Rating: You will now see star ratings under the name of each product listing.

Loyalty Points Capability: You will now see the points you will get if you purchase each item. This will be very beneficial to help get that next reward or next Ninja Rewards Rank.

Write a Photo Review: We have now added the capability to add photos to your reviews to help better share your experience.

Leave a Review and Get Points: We noticed many customers did not know that you can receive 500 Points when you leave a positive review of all your purchases. Note: 1x 500 point review is allowed per week.

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