Before contacting us, please go through the frequently asked questions to see if the answer is already available.



Q: Do you guys have a brick and mortar location?

A: Not at the moment. Possibly in the future, but having an online store saves on overhead costs. As much as we would like a physical location to see Gamers face to face, we have to recognize the future of e-commerce, so the website and marketplaces had to be first.

Q: How do I contact you guys to get future updates on the store?

A: Subscribe to our newsletter and you'll be updated of any changes, promos, events, etc. You also get a coupon code just for your subscription.



Q: Where is my order? When do you ship products out?

A: Handling times are 1-3 business days(Mon-Fri). If your purchase is a presale/preorder, we ship out 1-3 business days after we receive stock. 

Q: I purchased a presale/preorder, and its been months! Where is my purchase?

A: If you purchased an item that is made through a smaller company that publishes limited physical runs of typically digital only games, such as Limited Run Games(LRG), Strictly Limited, etc. then please understand that these items are made to order and typically release within the estimated time frames of 2-5 months. However, it is also typical to get delayed. Reasons for delays can be for many reasons. Some examples are, future DLC content that needs to be completed so it can be added and be the most complete physical copy. There can be a manufacturing delay due to restrictions or damage due to a natural disaster or pandemic. So, please DO NOT order these items unless you are willing to wait as ALL SALES ARE FINAL! You can wait until they are in hand before purchasing, but in many cases, they usually sell out before I receive stock.



Q: What is your official statement on those policies?

A: ALL ORDERS ARE CONSIDERED FINAL! No returns or cancellations due to buyer remorse, change of mind, buyer personal and/or financial issues, etc. OFFICIALLY, NO RETURNS OR CANCELLATIONS! PERIOD! HOWEVER, we may grant such a request on a case by case basis and will be solely up to our discretion. If the return is approved, then all returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Buyer is also responsible for shipping.

Q: What if my item was damaged or inoperable? Can I return it?

A: If the item was damaged or inoperable due to our fault from mishandling or packaging, then we will always accept the return within 14 days from the delivery date for a full refund or exchange for the same or similar priced item. Buyer will be responsible for return shipping initially, and after we receive the return and test it thoroughly, we will refund the return shipping along with any other refund or exchange. If we find that the item is still operable, the buyer will be responsible for reshipping it. So please contact us for help before deeming a faulty product. All Preowned games are cleaned and tested before listing and will be cleaned and tested before shipping out as well.

Go to https://www.gamerlifestore.com/policies/refund-policy for more on returns



Q: Is there a warranty on my games and consoles?

A: Yes on most items! We take pride in cleaning and testing all games and consoles before listing and also before shipment. If there is a claim, we will thoroughly inspect and test items and will either fix the item, exchange for same or similar item, or refund your money.

  • New Games, Consoles, and Accessories will be warrantied through the manufacturer, so be sure to contact them and not us.
  • Preowned Games and Accessories come with a 30 day warranty and is guaranteed to work.
  • Preowned Consoles come with a 30 day warranty and is guaranteed to work.
  • Toys, Books, Music, Clothing and similar items will NOT be warrantied due to the nature of its operation and use.

Keep in mind, that the warranty is void if the games or consoles are opened up and/or tampered with. This warranty is also void if there is any damage done due to mishandling from the buyer such as dropping it, putting any weight on it, applying or storing in extreme heat, cold, or moist conditions, striking it, water damage, cleaning with unapproved methods or solutions, etc.



Q: I am looking for INSERT ITEM HERE. Will you be carrying those soon or can you help me find one?

A: The main reason why we don't list every game available is because it doesn't serve our customers if they are not interested in it and for that reason, it will not sell and make us any profits. We love sharing our love for video games and it includes all genres, but at the end of the day, we are still a business and need to get returns on our investments to continue doing business, However, if we see a demand, then we will definitely look into it. Also, if there is any game you would like to get a hold of personally, we would be happy to put you on a request list and search for those games, consoles, or related accessories. Send all requests to sales@gamerlifestore.com