Trade-in Values

Video Game In-store Trade-ins
Large Trade-ins or Cash Trade-ins are by appointment. Small Trade-ins are still preferred to be by appointment minimize in-store processing times. (Please contact us through Facebook or Instagram DM or

Video Game Online Trade-ins
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Console Trade-in Values
(All Trade-in Values listed below are for Store Credit. Cash Value is up to 70% of Store Credit Values.)


Nintendo Switch OLED: Up to $195

Nintendo Switch V2: Up to $150

Nintendo Switch V1: Up to $125

Nintendo Switch Lite (Any Color): Up to $85

Nintendo Wii U: Up to $85

Nintendo Wii: Up to $50

Nintendo Wii (GameCube Compatible): Up to $75

Nintendo GameCube DOL-001: Up to $75

Nintendo GameCube DOL-101: Up to $60

Nintendo 64 (Funtastic): Up to $150

Nintendo 64 (NS2): Up to $75

Nintendo 64 (NS1): Up to $75

Super Nintendo Jr.: Up to $75

Super Nintendo: Up to $75

Nintendo NES Top Loader: Up to $100

Nintendo NES Front Loader: Up to $75

Nintendo New 3DS XL: Up to $125

Nintendo New 2DS XL: Up to $100

Nintendo New 3DS: Up to $95

Nintendo 3DS XL: Up to $100

Nintendo 3DS: Up to $75

Nintendo 2DS: Up to $50

Nintendo DSi XL: Up to $75

Nintendo DSi: Up to $50

Nintendo DS Lite:  Up to $50

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP AGS-101: Up to $100

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP AGS-001: Up to $75

Nintendo Game Boy Advance: Up to $50

Nintendo Game Boy Color: Up to $50

Nintendo Game Boy Micro: Up to $150

Nintendo Game Boy Pocket: Up to $50

Nintendo Game Boy DMG: Up to $50



PlayStation 5 Slim Disc Edition: Up to $360

PlayStation 5 Disc Edition: Up to $360

PlayStation 5 Portal: Up to $140

PlayStation 4 Pro: Up to $100

PlayStation 4 Slim: Up to $70

PlayStation 4 OG: Up to $65

PlayStation 3 Super Slim: Up to $60

PlayStation 3 Slim: Up to $75

PlayStation 3 FAT: Up to $50

PlayStation 3 FAT Backwards Compatible: Up to $200

PlayStation 2 Slim: Up to $65

PlayStation 2 FAT: Up to $75

PlayStation One (Slim): Up to $50

PlayStation 1 FAT: Up to $40

PlayStation Vita Slim: Up to $100

PlayStation Vita: Up to $100

PlayStation Portable 3000: Up to $75

PlayStation Portable 2000: Up to $70

PlayStation Portable 1000: Up to $60


Dreamcast Model 2: Up to $65

Dreamcast Model 1Up to $75

Dreamcast Model 0: Up to $75

Saturn Model 1 or 2: Up to $125

Genesis Model 3: Up to $35

Genesis Model 2: Up to $35

Genesis Model 1: Up to $50

Master System Model 2:  Up to $85

Master System Model 1:  Up to $60

Nomad: Up to $150

Game Gear: Up to $60



Xbox Series X: Up to $335

Xbox One X: Up to $90

Xbox One S: Up to $85

Xbox One: Up to $45

Xbox 360 E: Up to $75

Xbox 360 S: Up to $70

Xbox 360: Up to $65

Xbox OG: Up to $90



AES 3-6: Up to $300

AES 3-3 to 3-5: Up to $250

AES 3-1 to 3-2: Up to $325

CDZ: Up to $250

CD: Up to $200

Pocket Color: Up to $50


Note: All Console Values are valid for consoles that include one original brand controller, one original power cable, and one original A/V Cable. All included items must be in good working condition and will be tested on site. Online trade-ins will not be paid out until all items are verified working.

NOTE: All prices are REDUCED by up to 35% if there is excessive cleaning required, and an additional 35% REDUCED for excessively worn cosmetics.

NOTE: Special Edition models will have different values.


Video Game & Accessory Trade-in Values




Store Credit: Up to 50% of median market values

Cash: Up to 30% of median market values

(Ninja Reward Chunin, Jonin, and Kage Tiers, get 5-15% more Trade-in Store Credit)


NOTE: Low demand games such as most sports games may be GREATLY REDUCED or DECLINED for trade-in.

NOTE: We accept only original first party accessories with a few top 3rd party brands such as Hori, Game Genie, Game Shark etc. as exceptions.

NOTE: All prices are REDUCED by up to 35% if there is excessive cleaning required, and an additional 35% REDUCED for excessively worn cosmetics.

Send all Trade-in inquiries to or contact us on Facebook Messenger or Instagram DM.