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Ultimate Spider-Man (GBA)

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After producing two successful movie-based games featuring the arachnological augmented teen hero, Activision and Vicarious Visions spin a more comics-influenced yarn with Ultimate Spider-Man. While the combat action again takes place in large urban environments, as in Spider-Man 2, this game has players taking control of two Marvel super-beings -- Spidey himself, and his costume-cum-criminal rival, Venom. As Spider-Man, players can patrol New York City neighborhoods, using spider sense to find people in need and super agility to get to them in time. In control of Venom, players will be drawn by the symbiotic alien's twisted emotions to lay waste to everything in its path. Each character has his own style of fighting, and his own reason for doing so; by playing as each in turn, players gradually come to see both sides of the story.


      PLAYERS: 1 Player

      GENRE: Action, Adventure, Platform

      RATING: E10+ (Everyone 10+)

      RELEASE YEAR: 2005