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Face Ball 2000 (GB)

SKU: GB-Faceball2000-22


In the three-dimensional, maze-like world of FaceBall 2000, you are a HAPPYFACE, which stands for Holographically Assisted Physical Pattern Yielded For Active Computerized Embarkation. You can take on the Smiloids in 70 levels of computer CyberScape space or do battle in the Arena.

There are a large variety of Smiloids, each with varying abilities. Some examples are Turkeys, who are weak but can see you; Ishootus, who spin and shoot randomly; and Gremlins, who fly straight at you, trying trying to inflict damage. Power-ups you can find throughout the game include armor, speed up, and automag, which reduces your weapon reload time so you can shoot bullets faster. You can also find prizes such as shields, keys, maps, clues, and Camos, which make the Smiloids temporarily ignore you.

FaceBall 2000 is designed for up to four players, providing you have enough Game Boys, copies of the game, Game Link cables, and a four-way adapter (for three- or four-player games). In both versions of the game, CyberScape and Arena, you can form teams with other players to take on opposing teams or the computer. In the final level of CyberScape, you must face the Master Smiloid.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action, FPS

RATING: E-Everyone