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American Gladiators (NES)

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Welcome to the Wild World of Sports. Fight or flight?......The American Gladiators are ready to square off, and frankly they don't believe you're up to the challenge. But it's up to you to prove them wrong. Nitro, Blaze, Laser, Zap, Gold, Gemini and Lace are all ready and waiting to psyche you out of your game. You choose the order in which you'll compete including: The Joust, The Assault, Powerball, The Wall and Human Cannonball. Complete all 4 levels and you'll get your shot on the ultimate battlefield where only the strong survive-The Eliminator. So if you think you're good, you better be great... 'Cause these guys are BAD.

Test your mettle against television's American Gladiators in this 8-bit adaptation of the hit NBC series. Five featured events include Joust, Human Cannonball, Powerball, Assault, and the Wall. Both Joust and Human Cannonball involve knocking a series of four gladiators off platforms, either by whacking them with a staff or by swinging into them on a rope. Powerball has you quickly scooping up balls from designated areas and throwing them in well-guarded baskets. 

Assault is an obstacle course that has you trying to avoid being hit with a high-speed ball launcher. The Wall involves tapping both buttons to simulate climbing with your left and right hands, all while dodging hazards and the pursuit of a gladiator. After all five events are completed, play resumes on a higher difficulty level with alternate patterns and stage layouts. Complete all four levels to open up a sixth event called the "Eliminator." Passwords provided after each series lets you resume progress at a later time.



PLAYERS: 1-2 Players

GENRE: Sports

RATING: E-Everyone