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Cyber Tiger (GBC)

SKU: GBC-CyberTiger-22


Cartridge with Box CYBERTIGER puts a brand new spin on the classic sport of golf. Choose one of four crazy cartoon-style golfers including a likeness of Tiger Woods himself and hit the course in a knockdown, drag-out race to the hole. You can play 18 holes on three different courses, each set in a wild, exotic location: challenge the engulfing sand of the Grand Canyon, the deep waters of Hawaii's shores, or the bubbling lava of a volcano. Littered throughout each of the courses are power-ups that will give you the edge over your opponent some, like the shot power increase, will help you; and some are more offensive and will cost your opponent dearly. For fast-paced, frantic action, take on a friend with Link Cable mode to see who can sink the ball first in a simultaneous race. CYBERTIGER presents the game of golf in a way you've never seen before.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Sports, Golf

RATING: E-Everyone