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Deadpool (PS4)

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There are a few important things I need to say before you crack into my insanely sweet game. (You might want to sit down for this!). I'm a mercenary with an accelerated healing factor. I've been described as unstable, which is just plain coo-coo. (Wait, do same people say coo-coo?) Be prepared for just about anything. (Holla!)

Why My Game Is Awesome!

  • LET'S GET SOME ACTION: I made sure to capture all mygood sides, so I made my game a third-person, action-shooter.(Yep, you get to look at my heinie.)
  • X-MEN GROUPIES: Keep a look out cuz some of myX-Men pals (Whoa, What Pals?!) are making an appearance.
  • INSANE COMBAT: I'm really good at killing, so I made it ablast stringing together combos and totally eviscerating myenemies. (Ev-is-cer-a-ting!)
  • WEAPONS GALORE: I brought my skills and a buttloadof my favorite things. Katanas (check), guns (bang!),explosives (boom), duct tape (quack), and of course, yourstruly – ME! (Checkmate!)



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action, Adventure

RATING: M-Mature