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Game & Watch Gallery 2 (GBC)

SKU: GBC-GameWatchGallery2-22


The second title to be released in the series and the first to be designed to take advantage of the Game Boy Color's more varied palette, Game & Watch Gallery 2 presents players with Modern and Classic incarnations of five Game & Watch titles: "Chef," "Parachute," "Donkey Kong," "Vermin," and "Helmet." The Classic versions of each game emulate the play found in the original titles, while the Modern variations add new gameplay elements as they place familiar Nintendo characters (as opposed to Mr. Game & Watch) in precarious situations.

"Chef" sees players trying to continuously balance various food items using two frying pans. The objective here is to ensure that food does not fall on the floor or get snatched by a cat lurking above. In "Parachute," players attempt to maneuver a small rowboat across the screen, catching parachutists as they fall from the sky. Reminiscent of the NES title of the same name, "Donkey Kong" requires players to save the princess from the barrel-hurling simian by avoiding traps and unhooking the cable supports of the platform on which he rests.

"Vermin" has players trying to stave off the advances of numerous moles by simply hitting them on the head with a mallet as they emerge from the ground. As a hapless worker in "Helmet," players must avoid falling objects while making for the safety of a shed. The door will at times remain shut, forcing players to dodge objects until it opens again. In many of the titles, failing three times will see the game end. Accruing points in each of the games will reward diligent players with stars that can in turn be used to unlock extra content such as a sixth hidden Game & Watch title and museum and sound modes.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Party & Compilation

RATING: E-Everyone