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Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition (Genesis)

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After the events of Jurassic Park, Dr. Alan Grant escapes Isla Nublar on a helicopter. While the Costa Rican Army is blowing up parts of the island to destroy the park's dinosaurs, Grant spots a helicopter of armed InGen field agents arriving on the island. Fearing that the agents have plans to collect any remaining dinosaur eggs and DNA samples for a new dinosaur park, Grant attempts to contact the Costa Rican Army. Grant's helicopter crashes on the island after the pilot attempts to stop him. Grant survives the crash and must find a way to stop InGen

Gameplay is very similar to Sega's earlier Jurassic Park video game for the Sega Genesis. Like its predecessor, Rampage Edition is an action game with a platform setup that allows the player to choose between Dr. Grant or the Raptor. As Dr. Grant, the player starts out with a dart gun that has infinite ammo. A wide selection of weapons is available for the player to obtain throughout the game, including an assault rifle, shotgun, flame-thrower, grenades, rocket launcher, and shock rifle. As Dr. Grant, the player travels through the island while fighting InGen agents and dinosaurs until Grant can escape by boat

As the Raptor, the player can win battles with physical attacks such as biting and whipping opponents with the Raptor's tail. A bonus for the Raptor is to collect enough Lysine crates, which allows the player to go into "Raptor Rage" mode where the screen turns red and the player becomes invincible for a limited amount of time. As the Raptor, the player can play all the same levels as Dr. Grant. The goal of the Raptor is to escape the island on a departing cargo boat to find a safe place to nest its eggs.

Candy bars and med kits are collected throughout the game to replenish the player's health, while eggs, embryo containers and DNA samples are collected throughout the game for points. Instead of the linear gameplay of the previous game, Rampage Edition allows players to choose from three levels to complete before they are allowed to proceed to the final levels in order to win the game. Unlike its predecessor, Rampage Edition features a faster pace, and allows Grant to perform additional actions such as riding dinosaurs and using zip-lines. Grant and the raptor are also able to kill their enemies, unlike the previous game. Rampage Edition also features larger levels, and more weapons for Grant to use.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action, Platform, Shooter