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Like a Dragon: Ishin! (PS5)

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Draw your blade and join the revolution. In 1860s Japan, a low-ranking samurai by the name of Sakamoto Ryoma is disappointed with the longstanding shogunate reign. Foreign guns have arrived on Japanese shores, widespread poverty plagues the common folk, and the era is ripe for a revolution. After Ryoma’s adoptive father is assassinated for leading a revolutionary group, Ryoma vows vengeance, seeking nothing less than to bring an end to the samurai era. In a twist of fate, Ryoma sets out to bring down the shogunate by infiltrating it from within. He joins the Shinsengumi, an elite force of samurai warriors, to hunt down his father’s murderer. But Ryoma is not the only one with an agenda, and he is drawn further into the operations of shogunate rule the more he pursues his cause. Go wild with four gun and sword combat styles. Take samurai combat to the next level with a revolver in one hand and sword in the other. The Wild Dancer style allows you to nimbly wield both and quell any threat. Alternatively, you may focus on one deadly weapon, slashing through foes with your lethal blade using the Swordsman style or sharpshooting your enemies with the Gunman style. And if you’re feeling extra brutal, smash some skulls with your bare fists using the Brawler style. But that’s not all. It wouldn’t be an RGG Studio title without epicly absurd heat actions. Summon a tiger to maul your foes, shove pickled plums down your enemies’ throats, and wield a cannon to blow down opponents. The heat actions in Ishin! will leave you itching to uncover new moves at every stage of the game. A historical epic featuring a star studded cast. Like a Dragon: Ishin! brings in familiar faces to tell its epic historical tale. Fans will recognize the protagonist as Kazuma Kiryu from earlier entries in the franchise. In Ishin!, Kiryu is cast as Sakamoto Ryoma and brings the rest of his crew along too. Goro Majima and other Yakuza celebrities join Ryoma as friends and foes in this fictional world that trades the flashy streets of Tokyo for the chaotic bustle of 1860s Kyo. These new character dynamics are as thrilling as they are unexpected, with a series of mind-blowing twists and turns in a story only RGG studio can tell.


  • Quest

    Become Sakamoto Ryoma, a low-ranking samurai on a quest to avenge his adoptive father and overthrow the samurai.

  • Overpower

    Overpower your enemies with four gun and sword combat styles.

  • Battle moves

    Use the most legendary battle moves of the era—heat actions will let you summon a tiger and overwhelm your enemies with the sour taste of pickled plums.

  • Celebrities

    Experience the historical epic with a star-studded cast featuring Nishikiyama, Majima, and other Yakuza celebrities.

  • Weapons

    Find epic weapons of the era to slice and pierce your foes.

  • Games

    14 total Mini games.

  • Substories

    Over 60 Substories.

  • Experience

    Experience astounding graphics on Unreal Engine 4.

  • Immerse Yourself

    Immerse yourself in 1960s Kyo, a fictionalized version of Kyoto.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Beat 'Em Up, Hack n' Slash

RATING: M-Mature