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Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems (SNES)

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"Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems" lets you play as your favorite Marvel heroes. This Capcom game is a follow-up to the company's previous SNES game, "X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse." In "Marvel Super Heroes," the cosmic being known as Adam Warlock senses that the powerful Infinity Gems have landed on earth. He builds a team of the greatest Marvel heroes and tasks them with finding the Infinity Gauntlet gems. This story is a loose adaption of the Marvel Comics Infinity War story from 1992.

At the start of each level, you'll select a hero. You can choose from Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, and Wolverine. Each hero controls differently and has different attacks. Spider-Man blasts enemies with his web shooters, and Hulk prefers to let his fists do the talking. Each character has an array of punches and kicks at their disposal as well. By inputting special button commands during play, players can use a hero's special ability. For example, Iron Man can shoot his repulsor blasts at incoming foes. Each hero has different ways of traversing the environment. Wolverine can use his claws to reach parts of the level that Captain America can't get to. Hulk can punch his way past barricades that will stop weaker characters.

Each of the 10 levels features alternate ways to progress. These alternate paths add lots of replay value to "Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems. As you complete certain levels, you'll uncover an Infinity Gem. You can use these gems to augment your character in passive ways. For example, the Time Gem will make your character faster. You can also activate each gem for a special attack during a level. The Reality Gem, for example, will let any character throw fireballs across the screen. You'll need these gems to defeat the array of enemies that stand in your path. These enemies are evil versions of the Marvel heroes. You'll fight evil versions of major characters, such as Captain America, Hulk, and Wolverine. You'll also fight evil versions of niche characters, like Puck, She-Hulk, and Hawkeye. No Capcom game is complete without bosses, and "Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems" has some major ones. Dr. Doom will plague you on earth. In space, you'll go up against powerhouses, such as Magus, Nebula, and Thanos.


PLAYERS: 1 Player

RATING: E10+ (Everyone 10+)

GENRE: Action, Beat 'Em Up