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Outriders [Day One Edition] (PS5)

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Experience intense shooting action in Outriders. Drop-in co-op play allows you to play solo and fight on your own or have up to three friends join your game for extra help when needed. Outriders is set in a new dark sci-fi universe full of strange enemies and weapons to discover.

  • Journey across the dark and desperate sci-fi world in search of the source of a mysterious signal
  • You can create your own character to set out across the ruined world of Enoch
  • New genetically engineered species tied to the Marvel Universe
  • Players may include some Destiny-style space magic amidst all the gunplay
  • Supports solo play as well as co-op for up to three players
  • 11 Hell's Rangers Guns
  • Male & Female Gear Sets
  • Convoy Modifications


    PLAYERS: 1-3 Players (Network)

    GENRE: Action. FPS, Shooter

    RATING: M-Mature

    RELEASE YEAR: 2020

    NOTE: No Offline Mode