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Radiata Stories (PS2)

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Join two young knights, in the embattled kingdom of Radiata, on their quest to save the world from a tremendous conflict threatening to devastate everyone. After being crowned knights, Jack and Ridley are put to test regarding their lifelong endeavor of protecting their kingdom with honor and heroism. Set as a blithe fantasy story, Radiata Stories presents seemingly insurmountable challenges for these two warriors during a terrible war. As a player, you must navigate characters through a new and responsive environment inhabited by unique individuals going about their daily routines. Ensure the characters adapt to the new passive environment by interacting with the unique locals and embracing their way of life. The game requires you to learn the locals' thoughts and skills and use them to gain a dynamic perspective regarding prevailing events. Share this required perspective and stop the escalating conflict.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Adventure, RPG