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Shining Force III (Saturn)

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As the story unfolds the Destonia Empire and the Aspinian Empire are close to peace. However, during a peace summit in Saraband, the Bulzome monks and their leaders are able to kidnap the Destonian emperor while impersonating the Aspinian king. Thus, the world believes the Aspinian people do not want peace and a war ensues.

Shining Force III is a combination of role-playing and strategy. You take the role of Synbios, son of the Destonian emperor's son. You command an army of 12 characters who are made up of typical RPG classes such as knights and mages. Each character has their own types of weapons and some are capable of magic. Battles are where the strategy elements take place. On the battlefield players take turns attacking and can even make friends with other characters who are attacking the same foe.



PLAYERS: 1 Player