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Tom & Jerry (NES)

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EEEK! There's a mouse in the house! But that's no ordinary rodent. It's one half of Hollywood's most famous cat and mouse team - Tom & Jerry! Can you help Jerry outwit Tom and rescue his nephew Tuffy from the trunk in the attic? It's a classic cartoon chase game filled with action, excitement and hilarious surprises! Start in the basement and race up into the kitchen. Then leap out into a tree, climb onto the roof, slide down the chimney, charge through the living room and dash up into the attic. It's enough to make a little mouse dizzy! Every floor is filled with hidden dangers. Bees and Squirrels, Bats and hot embers. And let's not forget Tom himself. So get a move on, Jerry! Tom's hot on your trail!

A classic cartoon comes to the NES with Tom & Jerry. As Jerry the mouse, it's your job to rescue your nephew Tuffy from the claws of Tom the cat, who has him secured in the attic. You'll have to manage your way through all of the house's levels before you can take on Tom in a final confrontation and rescue Tuffy. Along the way, you'll encounter obstacles and enemies such as bats and bees. Your primary weapon is the ability to throw a limitless supply of marbles, though you can also pick up bubble gum, a meat cleaver, a cup of water, a moth ball, a hammer, invisible ink, and a drill to help you out. You also have the ability to climb things and enter mouse holes, which often contain bonus levels. Earn bonus points and replenish lost energy with cheese. With only three lives to work with (not nine like Tom), Jerry's got his work cut out for him. But an uncle's gotta do what an uncle's gotta do.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action & Adventure

RATING: E-Everyone