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Vigilante 8 (N64)

SKU: N64-Vigilante8-22


Originally released on PlayStation, Vigilante 8 screeches onto Nintendo 64 with a few notable enhancements, including a new arena, Expansion Pak support for high-res visuals, and four-player simultaneous action in three distinct modes. The content is otherwise the same, with players choosing between 12 members of two rival gangs in an attempt to eliminate the opposition in vehicular combat. What sets Vigilante 8 apart are the 11 destructible environments, ranging from a ski lodge to the Mushroom Kingdom-inspired "Super Dreamland 64," and the '70s-style characters, outfits, and vehicle types. Single players can follow each character's separate storyline in the Quest Mode, set up deathmatches in the Arcade Mode, or try to outlast waves of enemies in the Survival Mode.

Vigilante 8 also includes a robust number of options for two, three, and four players. Two players can participate in a one-on-one Versus Mode, or they can team up for the Cooperative and Quest Modes. The former has the duo battling a group of computer-controlled rivals, while the latter offers the same missions found in the solo version. Larger groups can engage in Brawl, Team, and Smear game types. "Brawl" is a deathmatch supporting up to four combatants, "Team" lets friends form two-man squads, and "Smear" pits one player against three. No matter which mode is selected, players will find an assortment of weapon pick-ups scattered throughout each stage. Most weapons, from bull's eye rockets to roadkill mines, include secondary and tertiary functions activated by performing secret combos.



PLAYERS: 1-2 Players

GENRE: Racing