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Virtua Fighter 2 [Not For Resale] (Saturn)

SKU: SAT-VirtuaFighter2-NFR-22


Sega's hit arcade fighting game makes its anticipated Saturn debut with an assortment of extra features and options. All ten 3D characters from the coin-op are included for play in an 11-match tournament. You'll battle the computer or a friend in matches held within ten texture-mapped, outdoor environments. To win, you must either deplete your opponent's health within the default time of 30 seconds or knock your rival out of each locale's "ring." Defeat each challenger three times to advance. As in Virtua Fighter, three buttons are used to block, kick, and punch, while directional pad motions initiate dashes, jumps, crouches, and more.

In addition to the arcade game's tournament and versus play, the Saturn version includes the following variants: Team Battle, Ranking, Watch, and Expert. "Team Battle" has you selecting five characters and challenging a rival team's fighters in succession until one side is defeated. "Ranking" features the same structure as the arcade mode, only you'll receive feedback and ratings based on how fast and effective you were in defeating the computer. "Watch" is a non-interactive fight between two computer-controlled characters, while "Expert" is an advanced mode in which the AI attempts to learn and exploit your tendencies.



PLAYERS: 1-2 Players

GENRE: Fighting