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World Heroes (AES)

SKU: AES-WorldHeroes-21


In the distant future, Dr. Sugar Brown: a well-renowned and famous scientist is determined to figure out on who the strongest fighter of history is and has gone to great lengths in order to finally gain the answer of his own question. Through the use of a time machine that he had built, Dr. Brown has brought together several of the world's most powerful super heroes throughout each century so that all of them can compete and take part in a one-on-one fighting/death-match tournament that Dr. Brown has organized, the tournament itself being used as a way to determine on who the strongest fighter of history is. Little does Dr. Brown and the participating fighters know and realize that an unknown threat is secretly watching them during the progression of the tournament and that this unknown threat could easily endanger them and the rest of the world.



PLAYERS: 1-2 Players

GENRE: Fighting