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Body Harvest (N64)

SKU: N64-BodyHarvest-22


There have been reports of sudden attacks by large, hideous insects. Entire islands and cities disappeared. No one knew precisely what happened, because no one survived to tell. As years went by, scientists looked for ways to explain this phenomenon, but all they learned was that the creatures would be back in twenty-five years. Where were they coming from? What is their purpose? Can you stop them before it's too late? You are about to find out in Body Harvest, a 3D action-adventure that has you trying to save the planet from alien infestation.

You play the role of Adam Drake, a man encased in Bio-Mechanical Armor with a helmet that doubles as a communications device, a backpack that serves as an unlimited storage receptacle, and a 12mm semi-automatic pistol with endless ammunition. Playing from a third-person perspective behind your character, you must take on the various forms of insects populating the world.

Body Harvest is composed of five areas covering 1,000 virtual square miles. As an added twist, the areas are from different times (1916 Greece, 1941 Java, 1966 America, 1991 Siberia, and 2046 Alien Homeworld), so players will need to travel through history to stop the cycle of violence. Besides finding the root of the infestation, you'll also solve puzzles, converse with local citizens, enter buildings, and gather items to assist in your adventure. Find one of over 60 vehicles to drive or fly as you prepare to save mankind. Body Harvest supports the Rumble Pak for vibration feedback and offers three save files to store progress, high scores, and hidden artifacts.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Shooter