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Shining Soul (GBA)

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Part of the Shining series developed by Sega, Shining Soul is brought to North America by Atlus. Using a combination of strategy and role-playing, Shining Soul features real-time action set in an ancient era. Users can select to play as a fighter who favors melee weapons, a spell-casting mage, an archer skilled with ranged weapons, or a Dragonute, which is a dragon-slayer class with great strength. Players can customize their characters by selecting weapons, armor, and color schemes. The Dark Dragon has risen again, setting lands ablaze and forcing people from their homes. Only descendants of those who fought the dragon hundreds of years ago possess the knowledge to put an end to the evil that is quickly spreading across the Rune Continent. Players take on the role of the strategist Noah, leader of these descendants who call themselves the Shining Fleet. They must confront and defeat the Dark Dragon and its five generals. Shining Soul supports up to four players, requiring each player to have a separate game pak. The story follows the same path in multiplayer games, as users join forces on their quest to defeat the Dark Dragon. Players can exchange weapons and other items during gameplay as well.



PLAYERS: 1 Player, 2-4 Players (Link Cable)

Action, RPG