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ToeJam & Earl (Genesis)

SKU: GEN-ToeJam&Earl-21


Funky aliens ToeJam & Earl need your help! While on a routine trip across the galaxy, their spaceship got caught in an asteroid field and crashed into some strange planet called Earth. Now they have to find the ten missing pieces of their ship so they can return home!

Choose either pot-bellied Earl or three-legged ToeJam and get ready to explore levels filled with presents, food to replenish health, comical Earthlings, and hopefully a piece of the craft. To exit the level, simply find the elevator that will move you up to the next stretch of land.

The game is played from a three-quarter overhead perspective as you walk around trying to avoid getting attacked by the Earthlings. The presents contain objects to help you, including an Inner Tube to cross water, Super Hi-Tops to move rapidly across the screen, Icarus Wings to fly, Tomatoes and Slingshots to hurl at enemies, Spring Shoes to jump high in the sky, and Rocket Skates to blast over chasms.

Two players can play simultaneously on the same screen, but if one decides to explore on his or her own, the screen will split into two views. Players can also help one another by "high-fiving" characters to share life bars. Once you've found all the pieces of the ship, don't assume the fun is over. Random maps and object locations help ensure that every game is a new experience.



PLAYERS: 1-2 Players

GENRE: Action, Platform

RATING: E-Everyone