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Final Fight (SNES)

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Crime ridden, gang infested Metro City has elected a new mayor. But this mayor is not like the others that have come before. He is Mike Haggar, a former professional wrestler and street fighter. The gangs have been unable to bribe him to let them have their way in the city, so the Mad Gear gang, the most powerful of them all, has kidnapped his daughter Jessica.

Now, Mike Haggar is out for revenge. He and his friend Cody (a fifth degree black belt in Karate) must fight their way through five sections of the city to rescue Jessica and rid Metro City of its gang influence.

Final Fight for the Super NES is a one-player port of the 1989 Capcom coin-op game. While the arcade original has three playable characters, the Super NES version has only two, dropping Guy and keeping Cody and Mike Haggar. As either of these two fighters you must work your way through the city, using punches, kicks, jumping kicks and throws to cut a swath through the gang members in your way.

In desperate situations you can employ a special attack that hits everyone around you, but at the cost of a small percentage of your health. You can uncover a variety of useful items by beating down thugs or destroying phone booths, billboards and barrels. Usable items include pizza, grapes, apples and other food that can be eaten for health, jewelry and cash that can be picked up for points, and weapons (such as knives, pipes and swords) that can be used on thugs.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

Action, Beat 'Em Up