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Wheel of Fortune (Genesis)

SKU: GEN-WheelOfFortune-22


Based on the hugely popular syndicated game show, Wheel of Fortune Featuring Vanna White for the Genesis brings the wheel-spinning action to your fingertips. The game features 4,500 new puzzles and a sprite-based rendering of the lovely Vanna White.

Facing a giant wheel and a wall of hidden letters that spell out a word, name, or phrase, your job is to spin the wheel and cross your fingers. If the wheel lands on a dollar amount or a Free Spin, you can guess a consonant or buy a vowel. If you guess a consonant correctly in the puzzle, you score points and get to continue spinning. If you successfully buy a vowel, you don't get any money, but it will still be your turn and you will be that much closer to solving the puzzle.

During any of your turns, you may choose to solve the puzzle. If the wheel stops on "Bankrupt" or "Miss A Turn," or if you run out of time, then you're out of luck and it's the next person's turn. A bonus round at the end of each two-out-of-three match allows the winner to compete for valuable prizes.



PLAYERS: 1-3 Players

GENRE: Game Show, Puzzle

RATING: E-Everyone