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102 Dalmatians (GBC)

SKU: GBC-102Dalmatians-22


If you loved Walt Disney's feature film, 102 DALMATIONS, then this is your chance to take on the role of either Domino or Oddball, the spotted canine heroes. In 102 DALMATIONS: Puppies to the Rescue, evil Cruella De Vil has somehow managed to snare 100 of the cuddly little critters. Players will have to guide their favorite mutt through scenic areas around London (including Big Ben and the Ice Festival) while avoiding the persistent net of Horace the dogcatcher in an effort to rescue the kidnapped pups! Sniff, dig and dog paddle your way past a wide variety of obstacles all while collecting dog bones that will unlock hidden mini-games and sticker puzzles. If you just couldn't get enough of those cute, speckled puppies in the animated film, it's time to join in on the fun with a copy of 102 DALMATIONS: Puppies to the Rescue on your Game Boy Color!



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action, Platform

RATING: E-Everyone