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Baseball (GB)

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Strategy, skill and determination. It takes all three to win at Baseball! Choose a starting pitcher from your bullpen. (Mario is an old favorite.) Hurl fastballs past the batter. If he connects, your outfield backs up to snag a fly. A sturdy infield backs you up on grounders and pop-ups. Three outs later and your team is up. Take a strike to feel out the pitcher. Then drive a long one. It's a home run! Challenge the Game Boy or use the Video Link cable to take on a friend in realistic Baseball action!

Baseball features two modes of play: USA and Japan. The difference between the two is that Japan mode has faster pitch speeds. Both modes have teams called the Bears and the Eagles, and while players have different names in each mode, the batters all have the same stats. Pitchers on the other hand all have different attributes. In the USA mode, the Bears team has Mario as a pitcher and the Eagles have Luigi as one of their pitchers.

Baseball allows you to perform most of the activities of major league baseball. While pitching you can move the ball right/left and pitch slow/fast. Pitchers can also attempt pick-offs. When hitting, you can control the base runners' movements at the same time. Fielders will automatically move toward the ball but you can take control of them. Only single exhibition games can be played in Baseball. Link play is available for two-player games.



PLAYERS: 1 Player, 2 Players (Link Cable)

GENRE: Sports, Baseball

RATING: E-Everyone