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Blaster Master (NES)

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Blaster Master for the NES is a classic tale about a boy and his pet frog. One day, your frog Fred falls into a hole in the backyard. He then becomes the property of the Plutonium Boss and his gang of villains. When Jason goes to rescue his pet, he stumbles upon a tank named Sophia. Jason also finds a gun that he can wield when outside of the tank. With his new equipment, Jason is ready to save Fred from the bowels of the underworld.

The majority of Blaster Master uses a side-scrolling view. You control Sophia as you navigate the massive overworld. Sophia can shoot straight ahead and straight up. The tank can also jump, which you'll need to tackle the many platforming challenges. The map is massive, comprising over 200 screens. As you play, you'll encounter sections of the map you cannot access. Throughout the game, you'll upgrade your vehicle to reach these new areas. One upgrade will let your vehicle hover in the air. Another upgrade will let you drive underwater. Blaster Master has no in-game map. You'll need to remember the location of each area if you want to return to it later. At any point in your adventure, you can exit the vehicle and explore the world by foot as Jason. The objective of the game is to defeat the eight bosses hidden on the map. As you explore each area, you'll find doorways that lead to new locations. In each doorway is a maze of danger. These sections use an overhead gameplay view. You can walk and fire your gun in all eight directions. As you destroy enemies, you'll power up your weapon. You can also throw grenades at your foes. There are even some small puzzles to solve. In eight of these labyrinths, you'll encounter a boss. Each boss is huge and pushes the Nintendo hardware to its limits. These bosses resemble mutated animals. For example, one boss is a giant radioactive crab. Defeating these bosses is how you power-up both your tank and your handheld weapon.

Blaster Master for the NES features an excellent array of music. The music features an upbeat tempo and will get you charged up for battle. The graphics in this NES game are just as impressive as the music. Each area in this NES game features its own song. Each area features a different color palette and design. At a glance, these colors let you know what area you are in and prevent you from getting lost. No matter how many enemies are on the screen in an area, this game does not lag. If you're looking for an intense action game, then you’ll enjoy this one. This Sunsoft video game combines exploration and fast-paced action into one package. This combination makes it stand out from other games on the platform.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action & Adventure

RATING: E-Everyone