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Bomberman 64 (N64)

SKU: N64-Bomberman64-32


The first Bomberman game for the Nintendo 64 has players embarking on a 3D adventure spanning five worlds with four stages each. A sinister villain by the name of Altair has taken control of the Omni Cube and threatens to attack the serene Planet Bomber. Now Bomberman has to make sure peace is restored, which means doing whatever it takes to defeat Altair and his minions.

Bomberman must use his talent for throwing bombs in order to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and weaken boss characters. Blue gems left behind by creatures can be collected to increase the number of continues, and there is one gold card hidden on each world. When all five cards are found, players will unlock a secret. In addition, players can search for equipment to use specifically in multiplayer battles.

Each world differs in theme and in enemy characters: players will explore the ruins of the Green Garden while facing bouncing totem poles and running flare birds; challenge jellyfish and guards in the Blue Resort; avoid bats and spikes in the volcanic Red Mountain; encounter snow rabbits and penguins in the chilly White Glacier; and penetrate Altair's lair deep inside the Black Fortress. Once the one-player game is completed, the bomb-tossing action doesn't have to end. As in previous games in the series, Bomberman 64 offers a Battle Mode (Single or Team) that supports up to four players.

Players can also challenge computer opponents on one of three difficulty levels and on six different stages (four more can be earned by completing the Adventure Mode). Single Battle has each player trying to destroy everyone on the screen, while Team Battle has two teams trying to eliminate each side's gems. Players can customize the experience by setting the following options: number of battles, time limit, sudden death and ghosts (players who are eliminated can still interfere with the action). Bomberman 64 also includes three data files to save game progress.



PLAYERS: 1-4 Players

GENRE: Adventure, Puzzle

RATING: K-A (Kids to Adults)