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Bomberman Tournament (GBA)

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Hudson Soft's bomb-tossing action series makes its debut on the Game Boy Advance with Bomberman Tournament. Deep within the Bomber galaxy, Bomber Base had received an emergency distress call from the planet Phantarion. Five meteors crash-landed, and five mysterious structures arose from their craters.

Bomberman Max was sent to investigate the phenomenon but disappeared early in his quest. Now the last chance to find Max and discover the secrets behind the fallen meteors lies with the original Bomberman himself. Landing on Phantarion just outside of town Alpha, Bomberman must trace the path that Max took with the help of the Phantarions and their animals, known as Karabons.

The highly evolved Karabons can talk, and each has a special ability that Bomberman will need to complete his quest. When Bomberman needs to earn extra gold or items, he can use his Karabons to fight in the Colosseum in a three-round fight versus a Karabon challenger. Karabons can even be fused together to create stronger fighters with up to 25 new abilities.

As his quest continues, Bomberman will acquire power-ups and items that create new types of bombs, add to his speed, or increase his defense. Battery backup allows players to save two different quests. For those players interested in old-fashioned Bomberman action, the battle mode allows four players to compete in one of eight different arenas, each with its own twists. Play settings can be customized, allowing you to adjust the number of rounds, computer difficulty, time limits and more.



PLAYERS: 1 Player, 2-4 Players (Link Cable)

RATING: E-Everyone

GENRE: Action, Adventure