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Breath of Fire II (SNES)

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Take up the Sword! The incredible sequel to the best-selling RPG hit Breath of Fire is here! You are the last member of the Dragon clan, fighting to rid the world of a growing evil. A cast of unusual and exciting companions joins you in your adventures across a wondrous land full of magic and mystery. You'll find strange mystic items, memorable monsters and exotic locations in your quest to conquer evil. There's strategy and spellcasting galore in the hours of compelling action and adventure that awaits you. Breath of Fire II is the ultimate in RPG excitement! *New perspective and larger animations for incredible graphics. *New special abilities, spells, monsters, items, and 160 special combination characters. *Four new fighting formations for greater combat strategy. *Interactive backgrounds that react to your magic. *Town-building feature lets you take control of the environment. *Exciting fishing and hunting sequences. *Multiple subplots and fascinating characters. *24-meg game for many hours of exciting gameplay.



PLAYERS: 1 Player


RATING: E-Everyone