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Championship Bowling (NES)

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It’s Friday night. You’re in a four player competition bowling game. The finest bowling game made. CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLING. Use your standard NES controller. Pick your favorite alley. Select your character, a real person – no stick figures here! Choose your ball and bowl! Adjust your angle and power. Then, let that ball roll right down the alley. Crash! A strike! Now play to win! Now you know why we say that CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLING is the ultimate bowling simulation.

Championship Bowling is a basic rendition of the sport littered with unnecessary flaws. There are four characters and a variety of ball weights to choose from, but the difference between them is little more than cosmetic. With only a limited amount of hand-eye coordination, a player should easily be able to master a steady throw, but the consistency of the results doesn't seem to mirror the consistency of the throw. Strikes are a rarity, and splits are far more commonplace than in real bowling. And although players can't bowl simultaneously, multiple controllers are inexplicably needed for more than one player.



PLAYERS: 1-4 Players

GENRE: Sports

RATING: E-Everyone