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Clutch Hitter (Game Gear)

SKU: GG-ClutchHitter-22
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It's a High Fly Ball... Going, Going, Gone! Step into the batter's box and get ready for some heat! Move a little closer to the plate or get deep in the boxit depends on the pitch you think you'll get next. Start your base runner early to advance him with a bunt or a flat out steal second. Better yet, drill that hanging curveball into the left field bleachers for a quick two-run lead. When you're on the mound, it's not just how fast you throw, but where you throw that counts. Move your catcher outside if you want to nip the corner or position him inside to jam the batter for an easy popup. Keep an eye on the base runner...a pickoff play can get you out of a tough inning. Played at home or on the road, it has all the action and strategy of the real thing. Hot dogs and peanuts sold separately. - 2 leagues, 26 teams to choose from. - Choose from starting pitcher for each game. - Relief pitcher and pinch hitters add to the challenge. - Head-to-head action against a friend with Gear-to-Gear Cable (sold separately).

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PLAYERS: 1-2 Players

GENRE: Sports, Baseball

RATING: E-Everyone