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Cocomelon: Play with JJ (Switch)

SKU: SWH-CocomelonPWJJ-11


Come over for a fun CoComelon playdate with JJ at his house! Play musical minigames featuring songs like Yes Yes Vegetables and Wheels on the Bus Pick, and pick up interactive objects you’ll find everywhere. You can even build a CoComelon sticker collection along the way!


  • Play Musical Mini-games
  • Play and sing along with favorite songs including Yes Yes Vegetables
  • Explore Interactive Objects
  • Pick up and play with objects in JJ’s house, garden and treehouse
  • Enjoy Simple Controls
  • Use touchscreen controls suitable for little hands, or button controls
  • Collect Them All
  • Build your CoComelon sticker collection as you explore and play



        PLAYERS: 1 Player

        GENRE: Action, Adventure

        RATING: E-Everyone

        RELEASE YEAR: 2022