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Wade Hixton's Counter Punch (GBA)

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Enter a small-screen squared circle to face off against larger-than-life opponents in exaggerated-action boxing matches. Following the style of the NES classic Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (as well as that of more contemporary releases, such as Majsco's Boxing Fever or Acclaim's Punch King), Wade Hixton's Counter Punch is a colorful boxing game that offers players a third-person view of the action from close behind their character's back.

As the story goes, fictional, mullet-crowned fighter Wade Hixton was returning from a Monster Truck rally when his vehicle broke down near the small town of Big Piney. Before he knows it, he's in the middle of an ongoing series of boxing matches against all sorts of adversaries, including the streetwise Sweetness, the devilish Incubus Gus, the mystifying Jobu, and even an enormous, tuxedo-clad ape called Killa Gorilla. A non-linear story develops according to the path that players choose as they progress though the game, and it is told through more than 80 hand-drawn stills.



PLAYERS: 1 Player


GENRE: Sports, Boxing