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Death Mark (Switch)

SKU: SWH-DeathMark-21


A strange rumor is spreading in Tokyo's H City: thosewho bear the Mark will die. Unexpectedly appearing onthe body, like a chewed up birthmark, the Mark is saidto result in an unknown death. Now, having lost yourmemory, you stand before a mysterious house said toprotect those who possess the Mark. As the doors swingopen, the countdown to death has already begun.
  • Search and Survive! - To avoid an almost certaingruesome death at the “hands” of angry spirits,you'll need to search your surroundings for cluesto increase your odds of survival.
  • Ghost Busting - Sometimes the sword is morepowerful than the pen. And when words fail it'stime to stand your ground. Remember the priceof not holding your own is an untimely death.
  • Riddle Me This - It's not enough to defeat the spiritthat cursed you, you need to do it in the right way.If you don't you might survive, but end up wishingyou hadn't. Be sure to parse all the clues andinformation you discover correctly to make yourlife continue to be worth living.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Visual Novel

RATING: M-Mature