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Destruction Derby 64 (N64)

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High speed chaos! Up to 12 opponents battle simultaneously on a dozen arenas and tracks. Hardcore demolition action! Exploding cars. Realistic damage. Hit the road! 24 vehicles, from stock cars to hot rods to ambulances. Multiplayer mayhem! Deathmatch, Destruction Race, Bomb Tag and Capture the Flag modes.

Destruction Derby 64 combines the spirit of a traditional demolition derby with high-speed, head-on racing. The game encourages you to bash bumpers against your friends or the computer with your choice of 24 cars, including an ambulance and taxi cab.

In the single-player World Championship and Arcade modes, you compete on a total of eight tracks and four arenas. The arenas reflect those found in a traditional demolition derby, except the object is to score hits on your opponents instead of just surviving long enough to be the last car running. On the tracks, the object is to gain as many points as possible by completing laps and ramming the competition.

There are four different multi-player modes offered in Destruction Derby 64, with the first allowing you to compete head-to-head against another player on your choice of tracks. The other three modes (Capture the Flag, Bomb Tag and Deathmatch) take place in one of the arenas, and up to four players can participate at once.


PLAYERS: 1-4 Players

RATING: E-Everyone

GENRE: Racing