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Drakengard 2 (PS2)

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Square Enix's follow-up to its dragon-riding action game takes place 18 years after the events chronicled in the original Drakengard. Players will command a party of heroes in a series of land-based battles and shooter-style aerial assaults atop dragon mounts. The main protagonist is Nowe, a young knight who joins forces with a red dragon named Legna in a quest to defeat a tyrannical army known as the Crimson Knights. The party will grow to four characters as the game progresses, each offering distinct weapons and abilities, but only one hero can be controlled at any given time. Drakengard 2 includes more role-playing elements than found in its action-oriented predecessor, as players will be able to enhance their character's attributes, weapons, and items by visiting towns and speaking with vendors. Fans of the original game will also engage in more boss battles, master a new combo system during ground encounters, and advance through more than 90 missions divided into 12 chapters.



PLAYERS: 1 Player


RATING: M-Mature