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ExerBeat (Wii)

SKU: WII-ExerBeat-21


    Fitness-loving gamers have the chance to burn calories with more than 150 rhythm-based activities in ExerBeat. Up to two players can use their Wii Remote to take on eight different routines, including dances, martial arts, body conditioning, and party-themed mini-games, while some exercises let one player use a Wii Remote in each hand, and other activities support Wii MotionPlus or the Wii Balance Board. Daily and weekly challenges are designed to motivate gamers, while an in-game personal trainer helps players develop exercise plans based on personal preferences, and the game keeps daily, monthly, and weekly performance records. The "Around the World" mode is designed to take the amount of work gamers have done and turn it into a tangible distance, sending "Mii" characters to nearly 100 international locations, and unlocking new exercises, modes, and facts at each stop.



    PLAYERS: 1-2 Players

    GENRE: Dance

    RATING: E-Everyone

    RELEASE YEAR: 2011