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G-Loc: Air Battle (Game Gear)

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The game puts the player in a fighter plane, dog fighting other planes. Once the player takes too many hits or the game-timer runs out the game is over. The player earns more time and advances stages by achieving goals that are set in each stage. The player initially starts with limited armament which is replenished by completing missions. Players choose what targets to destroy, like ships, jet fighters, or tanks. Eventually, players will attack bosses such as War Balloon, the Bomber, and the final adversary, an enemy ace who uses the same plane as the player, except with enhanced durability and strength.

The player controls an experimental aircraft (referred to as A8M5, but upgraded over time, finally becoming the A8M6) in a mission to eliminate enemy planes. During the game, the player is attacked from the front and back. The game is mostly played from a first-person perspective; however, once locked onto by an enemy missile, the perspective changes to third person behind the player's plane to allow the player to perform evasive maneuvers. The plane is controlled by a joystick and has two weapons: a cannon and missiles. The player can either try to shoot down enemy planes or target them by moving the crosshair over them and launching missiles at targeted planes to destroy them.

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PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action, Flight Simulation

RATING: E-Everyone