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Galaga: Demons of Death (NES)

SKU: NES-GalagaDOD-22


First, there was "Galaxian," and following that came "Galaga: Demons of Death." Known the world over as "Galaga," it is one of the best-known NES games of all time. This port of the original "Galaga" provides all the gameplay that made it popular in the arcades. Sweep your fighter across the bottom of the screen as you defend against wave after wave of oncoming invaders. Each wave starts slowly, with only few enemies, but as the game progresses, the screen fills until it becomes almost impossible to win the level. Like other classic Nintendo games, it is deceptively simple, with just a few controls but hours and hours of gameplay.



PLAYERS: 1-2 Players 

GENRE:  Action. Shoot 'Em Up

RATING: E-Everyone