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TNN Motorsports Hardcore 4x4 (Saturn)

SKU: SAT-Hardcore4x4-22


TNN Motorsports Hardcore 4X4 simulates the sport of big truck racing rather than going with an Arcade format (like Midway's Off Road Challenge). This will require players to be on the lookout hazards in the road, pay attention to vehicle physics, choose trucks wisely, and adjust to various terrain and weather conditions.

There are six different terrain/track locations -- Dynamite Pass, a mountainous setting of various terrain; Ground Zero Gulch, bumpy canyon driving; Devil's Kitchen, located in the dusty desert; Mercurial Forest, paved mountain roadways; Hades Highway, a volcano; and Arctic Inferno, a slippery ice capade. Depending on which track you happen to be on, you'll need to pick a truck well suited for the race. It would be pointless to take a rig built for winter driving when you're in the middle of the desert.


PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action, Shooter