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Home Alone (GB)

SKU: GB-HomeAlone-22


Released in 1991, this cartridge is based on the popular Home Alone movie. In the role of Kevin McCallister, who has been left home by himself, the player must be quick and clever to stave off the efforts of a pair of local burglars who are trying to break in and rob the house. Kevin needs to secure valuable items in the family vault and prepare surprise traps to foil the burglar's efforts to break in. In order to protect the family home the way the acting "man of the house" should, though, Kevin will also need to go down in the spooky basement, a thought that gives him goose bumps. Nevertheless, if Kevin can face his fears, he just might save the treasures of the McCallister house from the nasty crooks.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action, Platform

RATING: E-Everyone