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Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road (NES)

SKU: NES-IISSuperOffRoad-22


As in the original arcade hit, Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's SuperOff Road and its many home console conversions, Super Off Road for Game Boy features short-track racing with specialized trucks on dirt courses built of ramps, jumps, turns, and mud pits. The races are viewed from an angled, top-down perspective, as players steer their trucks using the D-pad. Along the tracks, power-ups occasionally appear, including bags of cash that instantly add to the player's bank. Cash is also awarded for placing, at the end of each race. Between races, earnings can be spent on tires, shocks, engine parts for quicker acceleration or higher top speed, or nitro canisters for temporary speed boosts during the next race. The game features seven different tracks, each of which can be run both backward and forward. Four trucks compete in each race, including two player-controlled vehicles in the game's multiplayer mode.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Racing

RATING: E-Everyone