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Jak & Daxter Soundtrack Collection (2LP)

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The Jak and Daxter Soundtrack Collection is here!

Released in collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment and Naughty Dog, this 2LP compilation—on Jak Yellow and Daxter Orange vinyl—features 24 tracks hand-selected by composer Josh Mancell from Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, and Jak 3.

The gatefold jacket features original art by Collin Daniel Schlicht.

Side A: Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

  1. Sentinel Beach
  2. Fire Canyon
  3. Precursor Basin
  4. Klaww Battle
  5. Spider Caves
  6. Lava Tube Part 3
  7. Final Battle

Side B: Jak II

  1. Jak II Theme
  2. Haven Exploration
  3. Guard Pursuit
  4. Arena Race
  5. Haven Forest
  6. Krew Battle

Side C: Jak 3

  1. Precursor Subrails
  2. Stadium Ruins
  3. Subterranean
  4. Harsh Wasteland
  5. Haven City Chase

Side D: Bonus Tracks

  1. Unsnowy Mountain (Unused)
  2. Forest Theme (Unused)
  3. Action Jak (Japanese Trailer)
  4. Bazaar Explore 1 (Demo)
  5. Artifact (Unused Variation)
  6. Metal Head 2 (Demo)