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Jungle Strike (Genesis)

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In this sequel to Desert Strike, you must defend the United States against a desert madman and a South American drug lord. These two fiends have joined forces and planned a nuclear terrorist attack. Their target is Washington D.C. You must defend the various monuments and buildings while ensuring the safety of the president. After driving the terrorists from Washington, you will go to South America.

There you must find the terrorists' hiding places and training grounds, destroy their nuclear weapons, raid their drug processing plants, locate their counterfeiting operations, and rescue American prisoners of war. Your first mode of transportation is a powerful Apache helicopter loaded with weaponry. You will also control an armored car, a hovercraft, a stealth fighter, and other vehicles of destruction. To keep afloat in this isometric shooter you must constantly keep on the lookout for additional ammo and fuel supplies.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action, Shoot 'Em Up

RATING: MA-13 (Mature 13+)