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Killer Instinct Gold (N64)

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Enjoy a blast from the past with this Killer Instinct Gold retro video game for the Nintendo 64 game system. Assume the roles of your favorite characters from the previous year's Killer Instinct 2 release, and execute their signature moves and combos on the N64 platform. The game lets you play as 10 different fighters on 3D stages with super-realistic graphics. Practice and training modes make it easy to hone your skills before you move on to arcade, team, and tournament gameplay. Play against the computer or with another player on stages ranging from a spaceship to a museum.

Killer Instinct Gold rocks the gaming world with its earth-shattering moves and unbelievable graphics. Your battles unfold with lightning-fast action and fluid character animation at 60 frames per second. We faithfully duplicated all the features that made Killer Instinct 2 an arcade hit. We've even thrown in a complete training mode to school you on all the moves! The eye-popping graphics, the explosive hits and jaw-dropping combos make Killer Instinct Gold the only fighting game you'll ever want in your house!



PLAYERS: 1-2 Players

GENRE: Fighting