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Limited Run #383: Monochrome Order (PS4)

SKU: PS4-MonochromeOrder-11
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Monochrome Order on physical disc for the PlayStation 4. Region free. Includes a full-color manual and interior art. Limited to 1,500 copies available worldwide.

The world must forever make choices. The Arbiters’ mission is to use the ancient magic known as “Judgement” to follow their own justice and guide the world to a better place. A newly-appointed Arbiter, is assigned to a desolate country where he will have to make various judgements. However, not everyone will agree with his idea of justice. When faced with two extreme choices, which will he choose? Your judgements will greatly affect the story and your character’s role in both good and evil paths. As there are multiple endings, explore different routes to guide the world toward the right direction! Get up to 18 allies from your Judgements to try various formations and overcome challenges with each character’s unique skillset. 



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Adventure, RPG, Strategy

RATING: E10+ (Everyone 10+)