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Limited Run #406: Blaster Master Zero 3 (PS4)

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Blaster Master Zero 3 on a region-free physical disc for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Includes interior art and a full-color manual.

    Blaster Master Zero's hybrid side-scrolling and top-down action are back for a 3rd chapter! Series protagonist Jason travels to where the series all began, the planet Sophia, in order to save the heroine Eve in this final installment of the trilogy.

    A new battle begins as Jason and Eve's journey takes them to where the series began, the planet Sophia. From the depths of the planet Earth, into outer space, and now crossing dimensions, this quirky "boy-meets-girl" story will finally reach its conclusion!

    Jason has received the power to cross dimensions! With the new "VRV system," venture into super-dimensional space and conquer tricky areas with "reversal" as the theme.



    PLAYERS: 1 Player

    GENRE: Action, Platform

    RATING: E10+ (Everyone 10+)

    RELEASE YEAR: 2021