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Limited Run Vinyl: Fatal Fury Soundtrack (LP)

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This is for a brand new Fatal Fury Soundtrack Vinyl. Artwork is subject to change.

Side A (18:15) 

  1. Garou Densetsu Title (NEOGEO)
  2. Garou Densetsu Title (MVS)
  3. Fatal Fury Title (NEOGEO)
  4. Fatal Fury Title (MVS) Ver.1
  5. Three Heads Are Better than One (Player Select)
  6. FIGHT! (Battle Start)
  7. The Hooligan of Downtown (Duck King's Theme)
  8. Haremar Faith Capoeira School - Song of the Fight [Believers Will Be Saved] (Richard Meyer's Theme)
  9. The Sea Knows (Michael Max's Theme)
  10. Four Thousand Years of Chinese History (Tung Fu Rue's Theme)
  11. Results Are Everything (Battle Results)
  12. Suspicious Guy (Interrim Demo)
  13. The King Cobra Is Coming (Hwa Jai's Theme)
  14. The Hero Raiden (Raiden's Theme)

Side B  (18:55)

  1. Let's Start (Bonus Game Start)
  2. Keep Going Until the Ends of Hell (Bonus Game Main BGM)
  3. You Are Great! (Bonus Game Victory)
  4. Failure is the Key to Success (Bonus Game Defeat)
  5. Hit by a Stick If You Walk Along the Bridge (Billy Kane's Theme)
  6. Kidnapping (Geese's Subordinates Demo)
  7. Desperate Awakening (Geese Appearance Demo)
  8. A Kiss for Geese (Geese Howard's Theme)
  9. Just a Little Smart Fighting Fellow (2P Battle BGM)
  10. In the Shadows of Victory (Victory Demo)
  11. If You Gaze at Reality (Ending)
  12. I Won't Give Up! (Continue)
  13. Beyond Despair (Game Over)
  14. Enter your name (Battle Records Display)
  15. Fatal Fury Title (MVS) Ver. 2
  16. The Hero Raiden -ROF Arrange ver.-